Day 13

This day I get to gush about our bomb diggity parentals. They get extra points as they have seen the worst and still they love me. Chad and I are both only children…and while we always wished for a sibling to share life with, God gave us so much more in rich relationships with our parents.  They are both the most loving, generous, sacrificial, and encouraging people you could have ever asked for. We love spending time with our mamma’s and papa’s. These kids don’t have any idea how good they have it with God’s gift of grandparents. PATIENCE abounds, they don’t flip out when the squirts break a glass, or pour grape juice on their top dollar white carpet, they are always game to change a diaper, or give crankball, (me), a nap. What would we do without our Nonni/ Poppi, Nanny/ Papa? In the words of Randolph-“don’t even try honey dear.”  I am so deeply grateful for the cherished bonds we share.

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