Date night

So, at this point I am beginning to think announcing this blog was, maybe…. not so bright. I wanted to document all the parts of my life that mean something to me, failing to identify that a big part of my life is my marriage. And you people don’t want to read all that?! (do you?) I didn’t think so. Not to get all romantical on you, but my sweet husbie hit it out of the park tonight. Nights like tonight make me realize how undeserving I am of the life and blessings I have been given. Aside from the few stomach punches to the gut I have had over the last 28 years; I have to say God was pretty darn kind and generous in what He has given me.  So I will boast of my husbands mad swooning skills, in Christ. He has completely changed our lives inside out these last couple years and I am eternally grateful.
Man Husbands, take note.

 Beginning of the night is Big Stink greeting me with these bad boys.
 Then we begin our kidless Friday night with this.
 Me protecting my treasured Seven’s. If you know me, you know my love runs deeeeep for my denim.
 And, tidepools are still one of my favorite things. I mean-who doesn’t like sea slugs and contracting hairy artichoke heart style marine plants?
 I had to make every single anemone close. I am OCD like that. 
 By the way, these suckers do NOT come off rocks. We tried. For a loooong time. Hoping we didn’t puncture a lung or something. Oopsay!
 Cool, no?

If magnifying glass+sun=a flaming ant, then this mega window+sun=charcoal. No thanks.

 why is posing solo so awkward? I would suck as a model.
 God is perfect. This sunset proves it.

Me and Big Stink. And the infamous one armed photo shot. BS is a pro I tell you, a pro.

Night ends at Javier’s in Crystal Cove. There is not much good mexican food can’t fix.

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    what a good hubs!!!

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