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Random Iphone pics

I am a newly classified insomniac since the surgery. I am supposed to be sleeping upright due to swelling in my brain, thus leaving me uncomfortable, irritable and at odds with my once cherished bed. So I come downstairs, pray for you all, take care of pinterest updates, and then wander around until I have a good idea. Tonights good idea was getting some pics off my phone into my blog which will one day become a never-ending scrapbook. 
 Sweet Kylie and Halle (cousins and BFF’s) 8 weeks apart!
 Mamabird and Halle, showing off her outfit of the day. Halle likes jellies and lunching with Nonni. Who knew?
Speaking of infant wardrobe; this post is about get 13x more annoying. LOOK at these cute shoes….eeek! If this doesn’t make having a girl fun, I don’t know what you people want from me.
 Her first pair of skinny Joe’s.
 Ballet flats to match her mommy. LAME-O. Not. 
 Whoops-AYE. Mamabird and I have been known to do some damage, and some damage we did. 
One Friday afternoon, I felt good for a couple hours, and we conquered the mall. Entirely too much fun.
And to end on a positive note, B ripped his new shorts. Like a 5 inch gaping hole with his chonies flapping in the wind, and I couldn’t stop laughing at with him. He is mine through and through.


Via my husbands request, (I repeat-he asked me to do this), I am asking you readers to rate how lame the #2 item on his wishlist really is; luke warm lame,  or Jake and Vienna from the bachelor lame-O.

His defense in this fatal attraction was he thought he saw a mantween wearing them.

I have told him what I told B about his sparkly glasses and his metal baseball bat, they stay at home. Big Stink insists these are stylish FOR MEN. I would agree, but we need to differenciate the type of man, no? The kind of man I would think would wear these hangs out in a subway, and may or may not dabble with tie die muscle shirts, and will most likely have a plastic whistle around his neck for protection.

Are you ready? Here they are….

Considering he never throws an item of wearable clothing away, this could potentially have lifelong consequences. PLEASE say something. Or I will make sure he wears them to your kids birthday party.