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Random Iphone pics

I am a newly classified insomniac since the surgery. I am supposed to be sleeping upright due to swelling in my brain, thus leaving me uncomfortable, irritable and at odds with my once cherished bed. So I come downstairs, pray for you all, take care of pinterest updates, and then wander around until I have a good idea. Tonights good idea was getting some pics off my phone into my blog which will one day become a never-ending scrapbook. 
 Sweet Kylie and Halle (cousins and BFF’s) 8 weeks apart!
 Mamabird and Halle, showing off her outfit of the day. Halle likes jellies and lunching with Nonni. Who knew?
Speaking of infant wardrobe; this post is about get 13x more annoying. LOOK at these cute shoes….eeek! If this doesn’t make having a girl fun, I don’t know what you people want from me.
 Her first pair of skinny Joe’s.
 Ballet flats to match her mommy. LAME-O. Not. 
 Whoops-AYE. Mamabird and I have been known to do some damage, and some damage we did. 
One Friday afternoon, I felt good for a couple hours, and we conquered the mall. Entirely too much fun.
And to end on a positive note, B ripped his new shorts. Like a 5 inch gaping hole with his chonies flapping in the wind, and I couldn’t stop laughing at with him. He is mine through and through.


Where is the time going? Seriously, I want to know why the fun time of year always disappears. It is almost July people.  We have been doing some really fun stuff lately. I am just too lazy to tote around a camera and play camera man, recess nazi and mom. So, I stick with what works right now which is me just showing up and hoping someone else will play responsible and bring their camera. We saw Cars 2 this weekend (it was cute), had a graduation party, church, concourse d’elegance, (ritzy car show we had no business being at. Thank you Brick & Trish!!), and our marriage group park day and then called it a day with yogurtland. Sweet weekend, no? Then today a friend invited us to the ladera waterpark, which *almost* makes me want to ditch our house and set up a tent there. That place was SO. MUCH. FUN. And it was designed for 2 year olds.

 Weston’s Girlfriend Belle. We are going to steal her. Shhh.

Other randomness:

Since being knocked up I have no energy to think of anything interesting to blab about. If I am being truthful. Cause’ we are all about honest in this house.
I AM super excited that summer is creeping in and I can rock my flank fat and ate-too-many-burritos-gut in a smashing swimming suit circa 2007. (my token maternity suit.) Can you tell I am feeling super great about my whole body peacing out in the “in shape” department? But, its not about me. It is about me sacrificing for this little almost fetus in utero for the next year and a half, and thanking God for this gift at every chance. {No, I am not an elephant; baking + nursing =1.5 years}
I am feeling SOOOO much better, and am actually feeling random spurts of energy to clean up, and prepare for the day. 2 big things in michelle-land.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have a 4 page to do list. (Pinterest is like a online opiate website for mommies and women who like pretty and yummy things-highly addictive). Thankful for a husband who is hopefully going to help me with these things. (Big Stink: WINK, WINK).

Now, if that didn’t confirm my ADHD, I don’t know what you people want from me.


house rules

We have a rule as far as eating goes in mama’s house. Eat what you are given. I try to enforce this whenever possible, but at times, I admit: I get lazy. Tonight I got all fired up about how amazing artichokes are, they are green and furry, what a combination! So I started telling little stink all about how mommy used to love them as a child and he had to eat a bite.

Mommy: “just try it. One time and if you don’t like it never again.”
Little Stink: “Please noooo.”
Mommy: “EAT IT.”
Little Stink: “chomp chomp chomp…..bleh–yaaack.”

Yep, my little boy actually obeyed me, and my insistence on trying this superfood made him yack all over our rug. What, an amazing mother I am. No, really, you can all stop clapping now.



Two years ago today. Two days before Weeman made his entrance, and changed our simple little lives forever.

Erect belly button still creeps me out, but I think the baby baking it up inside adds a special something.  I need to revisit this picture from time to time when I start missing being preggers. It is the donkey punch I need, to help me remember what a peach I was during that last month. Or 9.


Happy Day.

to my little Weeman.
And I love my man for figuring out how to make 432 pieces of metal, wood and rubber look like this: