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Pinterest Round 3

<<<<Winner Winner>>>>
 The website’s fancy pic.
My version. 

So I promised you peeps I wouldn’t do the whole recipe thing, because I think we can all agree I am no Rachel Ray. BUT, I will continue to share recipes for idiots, thanks to pinterest. This one is a keeper. I have no idea how this is good for you, but it’s tasty and husband begged me to make it again. Here is the link:
Orange not fried chicken
Thank me later.


A pinterest story-part 2

I resolve to not be a flake and come through with trying new pinterest stuff. Preferrably the stuff that says it slims you down or doesn’t make you a pack mule.
This you will recognize b/c everyone and their uncle frank has pinned it on pinterest. Skinny chunky monkey cookies. 47 calories each.

They only slightly resemble horse manure.

The reality: they are only 10 calories each. When you put them in your mouth you immediately spit them out all classy like due to the fact they taste like a rotten sponge. The 10 calories come from residual cookie you couldn’t spit out fast enough. I give them -2 stars.

Next: Kale chips. 3 steps, 3 ingredients. Easy peasy, right? Pinterest’s picture:

Michelle’s pic:

Apparantly by 10 minutes, they meant 6. Or I have a superstar oven I didn’t know about. I wonder why my little people wouldn’t go for it?


A Pinterest Story-part 1

So, there is this website. You might have heard about it- pinterest. We have been dating for about a year now,  so I finally decided to commit to testing her out. The first 2 step recipe was a crash and burn. If you are my facebook friend you probably saw this: Thank you Linda for making it look all fancy!

As you can see, I have some raw talent. SO of course I decided to try another. This is what I created:
No, it is not a stool sample. It was supposed to turn out like this:
What someone decided to call “pudding”, I will call false advertising. Granted, I did have brain surgery, which is why I only choose recipes with 5 ingredients or less. I will continue to try new recipes in hopes of actually feeding my familia and keep you all posted. I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting! To be continued…