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My Happy Post

I have been blessed with a sweet homecoming and few days home. I love seeing, hearing, hugging my littles. I am kind of, ok really a part-part time mom. Not gonna lie, I am enjoying it. I physically can’t expend more than 9 calories a day, so my options are sitting, restroom, sitting, sitting or my 20 minute walk 3 times a day. Which aren’t really happening.  I can get sloppy kisses and hugs from my squirts, laugh at the dramatic tantrums, and not be accountable for feeding one person, let alone cleaning up the kitchen hurricane that takes place after meals. I will openly complain to anyone who will listen that sleeping upright and being upright 24/7 is tortuous. Almost to the degree of watching english drama’s. (wink, wink Chad). I still smell like I came out the 1800’s and no one has kicked me out yet. 

I want to encourage you all with a list of praises. 
1) our wonderful church body has pooled money together for a caregiver for the 16 hours a week we need help. Like real help. We are SO thankful for the incredible generousity of our amazing church. God’s hands and feet have showered us so many times over with an abundance of love and grace, generousity. We don’t know how to thank everyone for the time and energy that has gone into meals, donating so generously to help in finding a capable woman to run the house when I am down. We met her today, and her name is Sarah. She is amazing. Basically the housewife we would all want to be. Efficient, sweet and does everything with a smile. She rocks.
2) I can walk! It’s ugly. Still. But each day I see more of what looks like a human walking instead of a gorilla, and I am encouraged. I made it from the car to my sons preschool without falling, Thank you Lord! I have total numbness in my left leg, foot and stomach, my right leg is patchy-so please keep praying! God is choosing to answer in His time. 
3) My nuggets have been impeccably cared for by our wonderful loving parents, friends,  and have had playdates with friends, all resulting in positive feedback and even at times, people invited them back. I know, my jaw dropped too. But friends, this is why we pray. My brood is a handful to anyone who really knows us. I am their mom and of course love them, but don’t think I don’t see the side eye from you have-it-all-together mama’s. 
4) NO LEAKING!!!!!! Day 5, not one drop. There is an area of CSF accumulating on the top like before, but not as crazy. I find out the next step tomorrow at 2:15
5) Coming off the pain meds. It’s hard, but God is enabling me to do it. It’s terribly uncomfortable to withdraw off of them, but hopefully after tonight, we will be on the not having chills/ hot flashes road to normalcy. Currently, I am the person in a hoodie you don’t want to run into in a back alley. Not because I am a ninja. Because I am crazy uncomortable. 

Thank you friends for faithfully praying. I have the immense blessing of knowing God hears our hearts, hopes, desires and needs. 

Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.
      Matthew 18:19

pipes and miracles.

PSA: this post will quite possibly make you stop reading this blog. It is that riveting. I wish I could tell you we freed the libyeans, (sp?), or whatever is going on over there. I really need to start acting like a grown up and paying attention to the news stories so I can start talking like a big girl. Back to the reason for the post:

Well last week operation “get-the-tool-dislodged-and-sucked-out-of-the-pipe-that-has-made-our-downstairs-bathroom-a-leper” commenced. It took about 5 months of prayer, 4 grown men and my husband. I couldn’t watch. If this effort succeeded we would not have to spare our 1st born. {Not really} We would not have to spend 3,000 bones and compromise our post tension slab foundation to fix this speedbump. If it didn’t work, well then we would have had to spend $1000.00 to try, and $3,000.00 to do what you just read. That would have been a lose, lose, fyi. Regardless, God provided the money.

So after my friend Tina’s husband, (a contractor), took the wall down, he couldn’t get to the blockage. So his team realized there was a connector on the sink pipe from  when plumber #5 punched our our wall and punctured the pipe a la 2008. By going through the connector and using magnets, Marc started trying to get it out. 15 minutes, a whole lotta sweat and a pouty quivering lip later, MARC GOT IT!!!!!!!! Unbelieveable. Truly. Unbelievable. It was a miracle-a real miracle and answered prayer that involved a rusty ole:

screwdriver. Really? Yep. A screwdriver in a pipe. Of course. How perfectly logical. 2 years of broken toilet, panic sweats at every brave guest that “flushed” and 9 plumbers later…That had to be love gone bad. Nobody needs a screwdriver when installing toilets. Even I know that. 
So basically Chad almost tackled Marc and the 4 person team he brought, then realized they would would probably beat him for trying because they are tough guys with manly muscles and stuff. So he gave air hugs, and we cried like babies when he told me. 
God worked the whole situation for His glory-praise HIM! He even cared about this stupid rusty screwdriver. Working together the punctured pipe from 2 years ago. Reminds me of the lost ax head in 2 Kings. God cared about that tool enough to allow it to be found. There is no lofty expostion here,  just sayin’.