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Birthday, Halle

Sugar and spice

To my baby girl:
You are 2!!!!!! Your birthday was last Thursday but I refuse to acknowledge the fact you are now a big girl.  Thus why it has taken me 8 days to write your own little entry. You, my love, are a pistol. Your daddy and I just spent the last 2 hours, (past bedtime), listening to, MOM! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhM!!!! Awake! Awake! over. over. and over again. This is a reoccurring theme in our evenings.
I love you more than words. You absolutely give me an indescribable giggle-joy. You truly are a gift, and I will always see you that way. You might commit an offense against B, W, Dad or me, but you quickly say you are sorry, give kisses and do the same thing over, and over, and over again. Just like your mama. 
You are funny. Have I mentioned that before?? You do and say the most hilarious things, truly. I know, I know, every parent says that….but you do! Daddy and I can’t wait to see who you become. At 2 I would say your life will not change others, or you will do something great, I believe you will change the world. You are THAT determined and fixated on the result you want. There is no compromising or distracting you. 
You hate facial hair…but don’t we all?  When you are really charming, you will say, Is that SO!? after everything someone says. Adorable. You are my baby girl, and I am enamored. The highlight of your turning 2 is most definitely your endurance in the fight against diapers. Only you are terrified of holes with water in them, so I have been cleaning up toddler urine in really awkward places. 
Ok, so there is a second highlight: your innate love for babies. You are obsessed. You would have been the most loving big sister. I know that. But maybe God is saving those mommy skills for your child or others our good Lord has in mind. I trust Him, and know He will make something beautiful with your precious life. In the meantime, you are the sweetest daughter!  I am so overjoyed He chose ME!?! to be your mama! I am truly relishing each moment. Tantrum or not, I love it all the same. Happy big bad birthday sweet girl. I am crazy for you! xoxo

And I blinked.

I knew I shouldn’t have done that. Baby girl is almost 6 months. I get a wee bit aggrivated when 6 month clothes don’t fit with as much as much generousity and flare. NO!!!! She cannot be 6 months! Yet, she is.
I need to write some random things down in case this next surgery or the “next best drug” erases my memory along with the rest of my brain. Halle bear: a) I love you TO PIECES. You make my heart hurt. b)You are already funny. Following suit of your big brothers already. You know 2 things. You like to laugh, and you like yourself some milk. Like stat. We will work on manners when I get those down myself.  Your personality has flourished in a comical way these last few days, leaving me perplexed. So I laugh and scratch my head. For example-why is your older brother dancing like a rabies infested chimp so funny to you? You can’t stop laughing?!  Really-after the 400th time? You want nothing more than to eat your big toe. So THAT is why you hate your carseat. Stupid strap. You will always smile at the older lady in henry’s or costco smiling at you, mid tantrum or not, and this makes me melt. To end this note, I will say, I don’t know how I would have gotten through this year without you to look forward to. You didn’t need me half as much as I needed you. Praises to our loving God who has chosen me to me to be your mommy. I love you sweet baby girl.
And I ran to your room 1st during the earthquake….. shhhhh, don’t tell.

To celebrate 6 months of your precious life I decided to finally complete your nursery, kind of.
Here are pics, don’t judge. I have a brain tumor!!!!!! (as my sweet Emily says)

 Thank you sweet Tina for making this AWESOME gift!!

A Halle Baby Story.

Enough about me:) Onto my BABY GIRL!!!! She is 8 weeks old and the sweetest nugget I could have ever asked for. (except from 7-9 at night. she gets a little gassy-oops) I love her to pieces and can’t wait to share the fun details.

Jan. 7: I thought for sure the baby was going to fall out. 5 hours at the hospital and 2 hours walking the halls like crazy person, she didn’t fall out and I didn’t get admitted. FAIL.

Jan. 9: I went in for a volvo check, dilated to a 5, the doctor agreed the baby was going to fall out. Admitted to the hospital at 2pm, was on antibiotics for 4 hours, flood gates broke at 6pm, baby flew out at 8pm. Crazy! Wish it happened like that for everyone;) It was AWESOME.

She was worth every single pain and discomfort in the pregnancy-ten fold. I would do it all over again. I am enamored with her and so thankful for her sweet little spirit. She is a great eater, burper and sleeper. She loves to be on the shoulder and does NOT projectile vomit everywhere like my other 2 squirts. (add 10 points)

 Mini Chad-ette
 Binkie schminkie. We chew shirts.
 Proud Big Brothers
 And we are mad.
 Mad again….
 Happy 🙂

 1st time seeing their baby sister-they were precious. So loving and SOFT. How was that possible? 

 Best. Moment. Ever. 
Thank you Gracious Lord for this sweet gift. 
Bob, Halle, pregnancy

So, Bob is a….

2 items of note:
1) Weeman met his fate as middle child.
2) the pink and blue globs of goodness are supposed to balloons. I hope.

We had a little gender reveal mini party with my parents and in laws, and sweet Uncle D. It was the most  fun I had in a loooong time. Such a sweet memory for all of us.

I guess my mom guessed right? She and my mother in law had gifts for the baby “on a hunch”. Crazy huh?