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  1. A fertile spot in a desert where water is found. (while I am sure this is true, irrelevant.)
  2. A pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult, troubled, or hectic place or situation. (DING DING DING.)

Last weekend our sweet friends blessed us with a trip to the desert-A much needed break from reality. We truly have the best of the best. We were able to head up on a Thursday and peace out on a Sunday. SO FUN. We had a couple other families to enjoy that cheerful time with. You know how the saying goes, friends that sweat together, stay together. Or something.

Picture Perfect

                                                              “Commitment.” -G.G.

 B is the blinker. There is one in every family.

 Me and my girl. She had no choice loved it.
 Meet Belle, the sweetest, most outgoing 4 year old ever:) 

 Meet Hudson, my future son in law.
 Awh, look at Baby girl. 
Oh, wait for it…
 just kidding, those chunks were totally there before y’all.

     Such a boy!

Getting my float on at 6:37 pm. Yup. Weeman’s wearing shoes. We be paranoid like that. 

Thank you to our wonderful friends who made this weekend possible. They gave up their vacation so we could have one. We are blessed and so unworthy to call them ours. We love you Schoenings! 
Thank you W’s and G’s for sharing your weekend and making new sweet memories with us. xo!
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4th of July

Whoops. Late. We had SO much fun that day, amd I had so many cute pics Big Stink had taken, I wanted to make sure it made the blog. We of course failed to get any pictures at our sweet Jer & Melindas-bah.

 Boys decorated their own bikes, so proud of themselves. (Ok, Chad MAY have helped align the stars for his overly anal wife. MAY have.)
Craziness! The parade was a huge hit. I have missed it 3 times now due to being the only barefoot contessa wannabe. 

 Our sweet neighbors Carlo and Zyrna and their baby boy Matthew…..everyone say, “awwwh” He is a cutie!
 Basically, I want to steal this kids ATV. I need one.
 More mayhem.

      Part 2: @ the Kents. The boys showing their manly muscles as they rock their chicken skin.

 Weather decided to surprise us with rain….on the 4th of July. Sounds like my kind of year;)
 Brayden just had fun climbing all over the backyard….again and again and again….
 Weeman locking down his spot in the hot tub. 

 Aaron and the other dads took one for the team. It. was. freezing.

 Sweet Shannon and Emily!
 Tammy, who so graciously opened up her home. She just had her 4th baby girl. 4th! 

Entirely too much fun for one day!

La Quinta with our peeps

We are so thankful to have had an awesome 4 day weekend with one of our favorite families who we are so abuntantly thankful for. Love our Martins. Woot Woot! We stayed in the compound resort they call La Quinta. It was perfect for our tribe. Open door, enter pool. And if you don’t like our screaming children there are 40 other pools to choose from yo’.

This is how our vacay commenced. Don’t worry people, I lightened up.

 Weeman got all fired up on his McQueen bike with the big boys. 
He was fierce y’all.
 ……….aaaand we have a jumper. All in one weekend. Booyah.
 The Martin’s!

 Aaron really liked the squirt guns. Like, a lot.

 Big B
 Straight face. HOLD IT. HOLD IT!!!!!
 Ok Silly faces.
Nothing quite spells P.I.M.P. like P.I.N.K. cups. 
 Such a fun weekend. Thank you Lord for the gift of children and friendship. We can’t wait to do that again next year! xo
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Rob Biagi Concert

Sunday, my dear friend decided to throw the party of the year for her friends KIDS, (and parents). How awesome is she and her hubs? Love you Emily and Aaron! It was a dream come true for the invitees-for reals. Rob Biagi was the guest of honor and if you don’t know him-you should. HE IS AWESOME! His music is Christ centered, clean, and I like it. Which means a boatload b/c I am the pickiest music person ever. I wish I would have taken picks of all the decor and details she totally did all crazy. Every kid got SO much fun stuff. Again-I wish I would have taken pics. Here are some she took, and some big Stink took. 
Sweet pic of Emily, not so much of me. Way to squint michelle.
 My Weeman and Big Stink. Love.
 Halle giving a shout out. 
 One of the few all inclusive family pics. Par for the course. Halle’s eating Chad’s pits, B snagged a 3rd lollipop, and Weston is pouting. At least you can’t see my shorts that won’t button. 
 All the kiddos-SUCH A FUN DAY. What you don’t know-Weston was petting Lorenzo, the kid trying to escape. (Weeman is left frame). It was embarrassing cute.

The end.                            

Andersen’s in town!!

Yay for some time with some of our favorite peeps! Time flew by as always, but we had too much fun.
 Peebucket commencing the day with wizzing on Weeman’s beloved truck. Precious.
 Fighting tears.

 What the day really looked like so we could chat it up.

Best Buds