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  1. A fertile spot in a desert where water is found. (while I am sure this is true, irrelevant.)
  2. A pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult, troubled, or hectic place or situation. (DING DING DING.)

Last weekend our sweet friends blessed us with a trip to the desert-A much needed break from reality. We truly have the best of the best. We were able to head up on a Thursday and peace out on a Sunday. SO FUN. We had a couple other families to enjoy that cheerful time with. You know how the saying goes, friends that sweat together, stay together. Or something.

Picture Perfect

                                                              “Commitment.” -G.G.

 B is the blinker. There is one in every family.

 Me and my girl. She had no choice loved it.
 Meet Belle, the sweetest, most outgoing 4 year old ever:) 

 Meet Hudson, my future son in law.
 Awh, look at Baby girl. 
Oh, wait for it…
 just kidding, those chunks were totally there before y’all.

     Such a boy!

Getting my float on at 6:37 pm. Yup. Weeman’s wearing shoes. We be paranoid like that. 

Thank you to our wonderful friends who made this weekend possible. They gave up their vacation so we could have one. We are blessed and so unworthy to call them ours. We love you Schoenings! 
Thank you W’s and G’s for sharing your weekend and making new sweet memories with us. xo!
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Bodega Bay

We went to Bodega Bay with VERY brave family last week. It was unforgettable and the best time-truly. Too much fun and such a special time with some of our favorite peeps. Thank you J & M, R & R!!

The trip was made possible by a ton-o-prayer and a trusty and worth-every-penny portable DVD player. Seriously, the smartest thing anyone has ever figured out, EVA.

Disclamimer: These are totally out of order, and I am totally too tired to do anything about it. And my husband has all sorts of ideas about how incorrect my english is, but nothing is getting revised. 🙂

 View from balcony. SWEET!
I mini island about 100 yrds away.  
 Cutest and sweetest little girl-love you baby K!
 Can you guess whose he is? 
 HURRY! Take a picture!!! They are playing for longer than 34 seconds! 
 Happy family
 My sweet in-laws! How cute are they?
How awesome is it that our close friends get to be family too? Doesn’t really get much better.
Weeman hasn’t gotten with the “smile when taking picture program” quite yet.
AWHhhhh. cute!
 Mom, pink strollers are totally in style for weemen like myself. {please don’t put this on your blog}
 I wish I could say it was windy. But the trees just grow that way…or it might be the wind. It is a chicken and egg thing. 
 Yes folks, that would be my father in law wearing SHORTS in 39 degree weather. And pointing to the fact no socks were cool in 1979 are cool. 🙂
 Flying a kite that every so often dive bombed, hence why I am 100 feet away. I was a wuss. 
Ah, the joy of binoculars. Bought us 20 minutes.
Another balcony view.
Our kids always look so thrilled to claim us as parents… 
Isn’t she perty? 


How Weeman tells us, “enough!”

The moral of this story-We will never have a perfect family photo.

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20 years later…

We get to do the fun part and celebrate the happy couple. 2 decades is no easy feat. Throw in there 3 step kids, a whole lot of puberty, adolscence x 3,  goofballs and boatload of work, you have a marriage worth celebrating. 🙂
What warranted this I don’t know, but I think she won.

 Some things never change. 
3rd time is a charm.
Winner winner chicken dinner!

 Awh….Love my momma-bird and Aunt Dot. 

 Working hard at _______.
No, I am not pregnant. My  flat stomach did not fare well after 4 pounds of fondue and 2 loaves of bread. Thank you Chad for excentuating my svelt middle jiggle. (do you like how I did not blame bloat on camera angles? Just sayin’.)
A very happy Anniversary to my sweet Mom and Steve. Love you both more than words!