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What the cool kids are doing

I don’t have much to offer, but this might fall under Michelle’s ‘pearls of wisdom’ category.
I know, I know. ANOTHER daily deal site. :head::desk:

This one is quite a bit better, in my humble opinion. In that if you trust my discretion here, I think our relationship might jump a few notches.  This site has a good mix of products, ranging from $4-60-and they are all things you actually might like for yourself or gift for another. Things I have purchased include:

designer shampoo: $4
Real pearl earrings: $9
American apparrel long sleeved shirts: $9
Christian Dior Lash builder: $14

They have quality products at major discount, and the best part is it changes every. single. day.
Ok they is an even better part, they give you $10 FREE to join.
Oh, and I lied, the EVEN BETTEREST part is shipping is $2.

You are welcome:

OH! And they give you $5 for ‘holiday’ gifts. I heart this site.