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So, Bob is a….

2 items of note:
1) Weeman met his fate as middle child.
2) the pink and blue globs of goodness are supposed to balloons. I hope.

We had a little gender reveal mini party with my parents and in laws, and sweet Uncle D. It was the most  fun I had in a loooong time. Such a sweet memory for all of us.

I guess my mom guessed right? She and my mother in law had gifts for the baby “on a hunch”. Crazy huh?

Bob, Halle


An update per a few requests. I am shocked to find out Bob is a mere 3 inches long and only weighing in ounces. I would like to know why there is an extra 7 around my waist and 10 pounds on the scale.  Had a very wierd Dr. visit. (not going to bore you with my negative first impressions of Kaiser, but lets just say I am switching Dr.’s asap and settling for a midwife.) All good things for Bob. Bob is measuring 2 days ahead of schedule-healthy, big, gave us great shots of the spine, (fabulous), but would not rotate so I could see if there was a weenis or girly bits. So we will hopefully be finding out in a few weeks. Doc was too lazy to give a heart rate but says, and I quote, “it’s a good one”. I am thankful for our Great Physician who knows all, and that I can put my trust and faith in Him. He has providentially provided medical care for us, and I will rest in that and be thankful and not bash Kaiser like I would not so secretly like to.

I am feeling better, more energy, etc. Boys have been so sweet wanting to kiss my belly all the time. Both in public awkward places and privately. Regardless if I am wearing a dress…there has been a few showing of the chonies, thank you squirts. Brayden is now convinced it is a boy and his name is now plunkie. We need to find a name asap. Starting to get names made up by a 3 year old is giving me nightmares. I think we actually have no contenders…that we agree on at least. You know if its a boy, I get all rights to name, and or dress questionably. Pink is totally ‘in’ for boys, and I am sticking to that as this will most likely be our last, and dangit, SOMEONE IS GOING TO WEAR PINK.

Bob, Halle


Bob is Baby #3’s nickname. Think Blob, drop the L.  I figure the odds are boy any way, so why don’t we just submit to a macsuline surname?  Thanks to some spotting, I got to see my little Bob yesterday via hoo-ha cam.  3rd time and I still leave feeling a wee bit violated.  (thank you ultrasound tech for WARMING the gel). 
Bob’s heartbeat was 178 and it was measuring a few days ahead of schedule. I have heard 3 different due dates so I am going to go the middle one-January 16th 2012.  All in all the baby is healthy (so far) and what else can be better than hearing that? Thank you Lord for this miracle you have entrusted us with.
I also found out this week I have a hiatal hernia, which means my small intestines are smashing up against my stomach. You like how we are getting all personal?  So….that is why I am nauseous all. day. long. Nothing is digesting. Sounds fancy.

Blogging has taken a back seat to feeling like a am going stab myself in the stomach all day. Morning sickness has found herself a home and is starting to really wear me down. I start playing games like, “I would rather be put on the LA times telemarketing list than…” And it usually ends with me hypothetically camping in a dumpster if the morning sickness gustapo gave us an option.  In all seriousness, God has been faithful to carry me through each day and give me enough grace to get through even the grossest of days. So that is a huge praise and answered prayer.  I need to be focusing on Him and asking for His strength.

It is so true that all you want when you are sick a mommy to comfort you. I get 2! That care and that love us so much. So blessed by them. My mother in law gave us a refridgerator full of meals. (HALLELULIAH) Which means Chad and the kids will eat some good food other than cereal and canned beans. My mom has watched the kids almost everyday this week so we could just basically get through the week. A big thank you to the Nanny/ Nonni’s! xo