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baby shower

Showering Baby Jake

Saturday was a sweet day were we were able to honor baby Jake and my sister in law Angela. I know she and David are going to be loving, wonderful parents. Considering their dog can balance a bone on her nose for 2 minutes, and responds to 3 different languages, (ok, that might have been a stretch), I am anxiously waiting to see what kind of tricks lil’ Jake will pull off. I am partial to ‘toss the binkie’-no pressure. Tricks aside, I am entirely too excited to hold the little nugget. Angela looks beautiful, all belly. Another thing I should have probably taken a picture of at a BABY shower.

Here are some pics of of the shower. Not nearly enough-but I can only do so much.
Oh, and THANK YOU MOM. I think I will always be thanking her for anytime people step foot in the home God has blessed us with. She is Martha but with energy, {come on people, we all know Martha outsources} to the 10th degree and completely has her homemaking skills in check. I am not what you call a learner, so she always steps in to bail me out when I start suggesting crazy things like pizza, chips and salsa at a baby shower.
Don’t worry, we still had stale chips. (the shame!)

Wilma, Rhonda, and Mamabird.
Sweet Belle and SIL Vylet.
Donna roon-bird, and Angela.
Mommy to be!

I made this! Kind of. My mom did 80%. I get points for the idea, right?
(not my gift)
I totally did not made that card.
The ever fabulous tissue balls. Took me the better part of the week, and I still can’t feel my right pointer finger from the glue gun.
I know, she is beautiful.