Updated MRI, my new baseline….

So that is what is left. Eek. Compared to this I will count my blessings. When I see this picture, I will admit, I get discouraged. I hoped more of it would be gone. The good news is it is significantly smaller, so praise God for that. And considering how it all went down in surgery, Dr. literally could not get one more piece of it, I was bleeding so bad, so that helps me have a peace about it. So I will thank God for allowing it to all go down the way it did and trust God will give me what I can handle, and we can just watch it, and I won’t have to have another surgery or have any brain/ headache issues.
Friday’s appt was a smashing good time. I got half my staples out (yay for showers!!), got cleared to drive-YES!!! and effectively refused the scale. 🙂 Not so smashing part is I STILL can’t lift anything, which is killing me. I can’t play with or really effectively care for my little people and it is grating on me, not going to sugar coat it. There is spinal fluid trapped in my head, thus causing the problem of having to be upright 24 hours a day-and no lifting. So if you are a praying friend, I will kindly ask you to pray the fluid would drain naturally and quickly so I can get back to normal and play mommy again? Also, please pray for stamina. I am coming off the steroids, and I am feeling a lot more discomfort and much weaker than I was these last few weeks. Also mentally, not feeling as sharp, which scares me. Please pray that would not be permanent. I can’t really afford to get much dumber. Neither can Chad. 😉 Thank you sweet friends.
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  • Reply Amy Spires August 20, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    This is going to sound annoying but try to remember that not being able to lift or care for the kids 100% is temporary. God has you in this place for a reason. He has faithfully carried you through some amazing trials. He hasn’t left you, now he’s stretching you even further. 🙂

    Thankful for specifics to pray for you. Love you much!

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