little Stink, Weeman

Boys are funny.

At least mine are. To all you non parentals out there who I doubt read my blog: something no one ever tells you-your kids will be funny. They will make you laugh, and pee your pants. (when pregnant).
So….what has been going on lately you ask? All kinds of shenanigans. First off, little Stink breaking off a 12 foot branch. Single-handedly. It doesn’t look that big, but you know proud mama bird measured that sucker. I walk out to him shouting to Weeman: “Westchon! Real superheros break trees.”

B doing the happy dance over his conquest.

Big boy eating cereal. At least his chin is;) 

   I thought I stumbled upon gold when I saw this. 

Didn’t even phase Stink. I really don’t even think he noticed our son was wearing a donkey tail necklace amidst his trying to teach a 3 year old the mechanics of a curve ball.
  But he was. So I made sure to capture the moment.  
At dinner for fathers day. Is he my kid? Or is he my kid?
Weeman trying to rock his way out of high chair land at father’s day dinner.

 My sweet in laws. Such a fun night!

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