Bedtime Lullabye

I have an obscure relationship with Halle’s bedtime. I love those precious cherished moments, and yet, it’s painful. It begins with entering a room with 2 cribs. One I know will be filled that evening, by God’s grace. The other, will remain empty, which always stops me in the doorway. Don’t judge, we will take it down one day. Halle and I cuddle in her rocker. We sing songs about our Jesus. (In horrendous pitches might I add) Surprisingly, she always wants to hear more. We pray. I pour my heart out for her. We say “amen”. And then, she starts in, “Heeee baybee.  Heeee baybee.” Over and over again. He never slept in the crib. She knows the words where and hi. She is saying HE. She wants the story of Christian before bed. The 18 month old wants her lullabye. And so I give it to her. We tell his story. Sometimes twice. After she hears He is with Jesus, she finally stops asking–and maybe there is something to walk away with there. Maybe that is the infantile/ childlike faith scripture talks of. The peace that comes when trusting God enough to let His will and what He chooses for our life be…enough. 

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  • Reply FitzFam July 23, 2013 at 9:54 am

    Children are amazing, and I think this story is an example of the blessing God tells us they will be. What a sweet, sweet story.

  • Reply N.A. Winter July 26, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    Precious. Love all this symbolizes and teaches. Thanks for sharing this sweet moment with us.

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