Bath time Bonanza.

Well peeps, call me dumb, but I am beginning to think I need to bathe Weeman hose style. The night starts like this:

(disregard the almost mullet-I know, I know, GO TO THE BARBER) This is par for one our fine dining experiences. 
hahahaha, oooh what is he up to? Oh what a cute todlet.

             oooohh. You have discovered the reverberating bath tub while the bum plays music.

Ok, it really is funny. HA, ha, HA. I am truly getting uneasy.

THAT is enough.
The aftermath of this sweet laughing match was something I was never thought a 27 pound baby would ever be capable of. Praise God for a Husband like this:
This man is up for anything, no complaints. (this pic taken at 3:45 am PST.)
That ^^^^guy fished out some of the most crazy UFO’s out of our bathtub. God Bless you C. You are my hero. 
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