another reason why I should work

Rating this post: random. Just a warning to keep your expectations in the appropriate place.

On Tuesdays I get to pick up my boys at preschool and spend the afternoon with them. Every Tuesday, I try to get something I need to do done, and do something they like to do as well. So of course we book it to Costco. I They love the free samples, and they have 2 spots for them at the front of the cart. Brilliant. And they like to munch on pizza while mommy plays fast cart, slow cart, “sorry for crashing into your cart-oops”. I keep it real. We all didn’t pass drivers tests with flying colors.

So after that fun adventure and a mad older russian lady later; we go home. Nap time, fun time. Weeman, down. Score.  B, not so much. He wasn’t cooperating-but I NEEDED a nap. There was no negotiating.  10 minutes into my beloved REM and a disney movie later, I hear the shot that knocks off Bambi’s mom, and a little munchkin is attempting to tape mommies eyes shut. Upon rising I see the damage:

Maybe it was a wee bit more than 10 minutes. I didn’t get all of it on camera, but I guess I better count my blessings. Could have been a sharpie, right?  So then as I am crockpotting my life away I see this:

 How can you not love this boy? He loves to do what his mommy does. {for the record, I do not mop the outside patio.} So precious. A few shots later and I have to capture this:
So then we busted open a book that my step dad got me as a quite obvious hint that I need to stop playing barber. Point taken.

 Basically uses the first 4 steps to teach you how to put your hair in a ponytail. {yawn}.
 Then you cut the  ponytail off. I give it 5 stars. My kind of solution.
As I said, it’s been a wierd day.
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