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I wanted to thank each and every person who has been praying for us, encouraging my husband and I and just being kind and thoughtful towards our family. Those sweet gestures mean the world to us. God shows His love through His unchanging Word and people-so thankful! Amidst this trial, we have been showered with so much love and generousity- It is kind of crazy to admit this, but YES, your sweet notes, emails, texts, meals, hugs, visits, make it ALL better.
Health is not to be taken for granted. This last couple months has been trying to say the least.  We have been dealing with the pain and well, PAIN. The freak headaches have been a constant. I was having partial complex seizures nearly daily, which made functioning as a human nearly impossible. After 8 days at the hospital, the docs finally sent me home on a pain patch that emits continuous medication to prevent any kind of headache, thus resulting in me being dopey, grumpy, tired, the other dwarfs too. I am still having breakthrough headaches which seems impossible considering HOW much medication I am intaking.   This has been an especially hard month on everyone. My Hubs has been running around trying to make everything work, friends are going out of their way to babysit me, and my littles, people are driving all over to help take care of our kids, our sweet parents are ever present and helping in every area they can. I don’t know what we would do without the love and care of our parents. I am thankful for them in a way words can’t encapsulate. While this has been one of the more painful times in my life, I see the light. Due to a lack of movement and the quantity of meds I am on, we had an amnio this week and the Doc called back to say…..

is the day. Sorry, but the irony had me laughing. Get it? It is also our anniversary. I will be 34.5 weeks and the lungs should be ok. It is a hard thing to weigh the gravity of needed medication versus time in the womb….at what point is this baby better outside of me? There are still challenges ahead: weaning him off the meds, nicu stay, eating/ swallowing/ sucking….those are just the complications we can expect from the doctors. I dare not google. God is leading us, carrying us through this hard time, and our trust is in Him and His plans. We don’t know what is ahead and I believe with conviction that is for our own good. I just wanted to update everyone who has been so faithfully and lovingly praying for us and baby boy. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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    Wow. Praying for you guys!

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