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A Costco story.

It was time class things up a bit, so tonights fine dining experience was Roma al Costco, followed by a shopping trip filling our cart with treasures we didn’t know we needed. We wolfed down pizza and hot dogs and had seconds and thirds with the soda machine. Yah baby.  We even got all crazy and I let little stink pour 4 seconds of his own soda concoction. It looked tasty until he added pink lemonade to his mix. yek. He downed it knee deep in pride. It was kind of sad cute.
Normally I don’t blog about family outings, but this one was actually really fun. I think everyone should have a family costco date night. We only live once, right?
It started off like this:

 Those things haul. And are super fun. I totally grabbed one simply because I qualified. 
 We didn’t hit one thing. Can you believe it? And I got to sneak hugs and kisses the whole time. 
This is what B got when he harrassed the new receipt gustapo for a “mad face” upon leaving. Uhm, yeah. Chad tried defending the guy and said they were B’s medals. I think we all know those would be indicitave of female anatomy 101. B wasn’t laughing. Good times.
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