Birthday, little Stink


Little Stink, 

Happy 6th Birthday love bug.  For some reason your Birthdays are the hard ones. You are the boy who made me a mommy. So naturally, you own a piece of me no other child gets. I love you to heaven and back and am so proud of you I could burst into a thousand pieces. I love your heart above all. All that we have been through in the past couple years, you have proven to be a strong, LOVING, resilient boy who competes like no other. I pray you will always fight the good fight because you love our good God. I pray that is how God will use your competitive spirit. You are determined like I have never seen in any person, well maybe I have seen once or, AHEM, twice, AHEM, {cough; grandparents}, but I am excited to see what God does with you as you get older. You are thoughtful and caring, asking about your brother and what he is doing. You always kiss his grave goodbye unprompted. Which makes me cry, and of course love you all over again. You are the best big brother to Weston and Halle. Playing with them and laughing throughout the day. You keep my eyes dry most days and my heart humble. 
You are a total sports boy. Anything involving a score, you are all in. Especially baseball and football. You are huge. apparantly feeding you poorly for the 1st year of your life paid off, as you are 56lbs. You are smart. All moms say this, but you really are. You definitely have Daddy’s brain. You make up word games and mix up the letters. It’s crazy. I legitimately can’t even play with you. Today, we celebrated your birthday by going to school, (yay for reality),  being surprised with cupcakes from your favorite Miss Bre, seeing planes for the second time while slurping down an icee and tossing back a large pocporn. You saw and or talked to your grandparents and opened gifts and we ended the night cuddling. Just how we started your life. It was a good day. 
At this time 6 years ago, I was in the midst of pushing you out….crying and wondering what in the world life was going to be like….I had no clue how wonderful YOU were going to make our lives. You forever made my biggest dream come true: being your mama. 
I love you always. 

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