5 years.

Whoa. Dude.
How time flies. 5 years ago today, I was primping, getting ready with my girls/ mom/ MIL, for what I thought would be the biggest and best day of my life. It was a wonderful and flawless day indeed, but I can’t wipe this giddy smile off my face when I truly think about what God has done with these lives that became one. I was rereading our “wedding program”, and while Chad and I were not Christians, we sure thought we were. Reading what we had written was smoke and mirrors to the innocent bystander. But God knew better. The exact verse we included, has become a truth in my own life, and our closing prayer, has come true, by the grace of our Almighty God. Praise HIM for raising these lives up from the dead. Truly. Not reading something for 5 years that was just words then…having that come true…AH-mazing.

I love my Husband a whole world more than I ever did the day I married Him. God gave him to me to be my leader, best friend, rock, and partner.  He has redeemed our marriage in an overwhelming way, and I am heavy with thankfulness to Jesus for allowing me to spend the rest of my life with this man who I am absolutely crazy about, and still race home to see. Every. Single. Day.
(Doesn’t hurt that he is, like, the most handsome man on the planet.)

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