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4th of July

Whoops. Late. We had SO much fun that day, amd I had so many cute pics Big Stink had taken, I wanted to make sure it made the blog. We of course failed to get any pictures at our sweet Jer & Melindas-bah.

 Boys decorated their own bikes, so proud of themselves. (Ok, Chad MAY have helped align the stars for his overly anal wife. MAY have.)
Craziness! The parade was a huge hit. I have missed it 3 times now due to being the only barefoot contessa wannabe. 

 Our sweet neighbors Carlo and Zyrna and their baby boy Matthew…..everyone say, “awwwh” He is a cutie!
 Basically, I want to steal this kids ATV. I need one.
 More mayhem.

      Part 2: @ the Kents. The boys showing their manly muscles as they rock their chicken skin.

 Weather decided to surprise us with rain….on the 4th of July. Sounds like my kind of year;)
 Brayden just had fun climbing all over the backyard….again and again and again….
 Weeman locking down his spot in the hot tub. 

 Aaron and the other dads took one for the team. It. was. freezing.

 Sweet Shannon and Emily!
 Tammy, who so graciously opened up her home. She just had her 4th baby girl. 4th! 

Entirely too much fun for one day!
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