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25 weeks

A little update. My groin area still feels like Chuckie took a baseball bat to it all day everyday. Good to know the midwife says “it’s just the relaxant hormone”.  Oh phew, I feel so much better now. So my uterus isn’t going fall out.
Baby Halle is good. Moving around ALL the time, kicking, punching stretching out…way more than I remember with either boy. Measuring a little behind, and I am measuring a little mammoth so it’s all a wash.
You know you a wee bit porky when the midwife also puts you on the gestational diabetes diet, due to excessive weight gain and you don’t have GD. In all honesty I can’t blame her, she is really doing me the favor. So if you know me, PLEASE do not tempt me with anything sweet. For the love of everything elastic, I beg you. So other than my new quest to clean up the diet, and stay afloat…all is good.
I realized the other day I only have 14 weeks and change left with just my 2 little men. *tear* They aren’t going to know where mommy went when mommy with a third baby, no sleep, and a coffee iv drip shows up.
Hoping I can cherish this special time with thankfulness. I have a tendency to want to fast forward everything. I blame this of course on DVR.

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  • Reply Amanda Barkey October 11, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    Michelle! I giggled to myself the whole time I read this post… you are too funny. You look FANTASTIC! From one mamma of two crazy little boys with one heck of a sweet tooth to another- good luck! I will just have to eat all of those sweets that you are passing up for you 🙂 Praying for you & little Halle!

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