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20 years later…

We get to do the fun part and celebrate the happy couple. 2 decades is no easy feat. Throw in there 3 step kids, a whole lot of puberty, adolscence x 3,  goofballs and boatload of work, you have a marriage worth celebrating. 🙂
What warranted this I don’t know, but I think she won.

 Some things never change. 
3rd time is a charm.
Winner winner chicken dinner!

 Awh….Love my momma-bird and Aunt Dot. 

 Working hard at _______.
No, I am not pregnant. My  flat stomach did not fare well after 4 pounds of fondue and 2 loaves of bread. Thank you Chad for excentuating my svelt middle jiggle. (do you like how I did not blame bloat on camera angles? Just sayin’.)
A very happy Anniversary to my sweet Mom and Steve. Love you both more than words! 
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