Gettin’ there!

Oh my friends. I am saying this more and more and I realize I might be putting myself on an emotional watch list somewhere. No straight jackets please.

These last 3 weeks have been an absolute dream. A realized miracle I was never brave enough to ask for. Truly. God has generously displayed His magnificence and redemptive nature through this faith-filled human, (me), and why He has chosen this girl I do not question. I am just so overwhelmingly grateful. So grateful I could cry at any point during the day with such chest crushing joy. Have you ever had that?

It’s indescribable.

I had my 2 week post op last week. 68 staples evicted. Scab paaaaartaaay! Then we went over the volumetrics. The scans where you can actually see in 3D what is left over and what he removed. He successfully removed 46 cubic inches of tumor people. I am no math major but I think that could have been another almost brain inside my brain. I don’t know if you have ever had the opportunity to see a doctor’s face after God equips them to perform and and execute these miracles-but the authentic joy at being a part of what was the impossible is just the sweetest thing to witness. God gave me a super surgeon and super PA. So loving and kind! Such a blessed gift. This just does not happen. To my wonderful friends and family, thank you for your loving and impactful prayers. All the love and encouragement. I do feel as though God gave all of us a restart/ rebirth/ reset.

Friends, this is what you dared to pray for. 46 cubic inches….gone. You can also see the crazy growth over the years specifically over the last. 

The green is old news. Old tumor. She gone! The blue would be the remnant. .6 yes POINT 6 cubic cm. It’s truly unbelievable. I still want to cry. Every day.

The next time you think you’ll forget to pray, or glance over a request, I pray you will remember I am here. This miracle happened because we/ you all asked and begged and pleaded. It did not have to be this way. Yet, He would still be the same good, ever faithful, ever present God we would and will continue to serve with joy and privilege. He is so full of grace and mercy. These acts of love-they last forever. As does He. Please always pray-you can be a part of God’s answered prayers over and over again in this life. What a beautiful gift for those you petition for as well as your own soul.

Many of you ask, so I share. Recovery has been as good and it has been in extra large part because of all you. Your meals, help, rides, grace, texts, calls, walks, cards…it’s just the best and carries us so far. Chad has been such a gift. The man is my hero. To our parents, my aunt and our beloved friends, our extraordinary church…where would we be without you?

The physical healing is up and down. (Expected). This is by far the biggest surgery, biggest recovery. Much healing and redistribution needed. I am slow. Tire out easily. Get confused. Eat. Try to read, eat. Headache, sleep, eat. I dream about pajamas more so than chocolate which says a LOT people. 

Aaand…no seizures!!!

This is mind blowing in itself..speaking of miracles. My eyesight is better!!?????? Thank you Jesus!! Texting and writing is getting better-ish too.  I think…no one really tells you if you don’t make sense, except my spawn. They are pretty consistent with that. Trying to figure out stupid and necessary things is exhausting y’all.

I do have a pocket of fluid where my incisions meet-we have to get rid of that in order to minimize the risk of a CSF leak. (Where the fluid would come out and I go back to the hospital). In order to minimize this, I have to be as upright as possible, both day and night. Walking is important. it gets everything circulating-thus I am be the lady walking/ hobbling around our neighborhood all day every day. The only lady who, by the way, makes a 28 minute mile look challenging. Your welcome. Confidence booster over here. 🙂 Taking lots of drugs.The kind people do side deals for. There is no commission big enough to make me want these meds or their side effects for myself or anyone else. Praise the Lord this is my reality, and praise Him again for these meds that have allowed me to recover with my pain managed. Driving…is left to you all for the most part. For the obvious. Lord willing I will be getting back on the road soon though. Don’t worry, I drive in the right lane, 10 below speed limit and I white knuckle it the whole way. No music. You’re welcome.

Thank you for your loving and faithful prayers. I love you all!

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  • Reply Stacy Petersen February 23, 2022 at 5:56 am

    Absolutely amazing, Michelle, and I have tears of joy with and for you, to our great and mindblowing God! And YES, I have had the treat you describe of that joy and favor from the Lord – what an honor and oh, how it exponentially multiplies faith and allegiance to the One and Only! BAM!

    Keep offering yourself up to Him, m’lady – the Lord indeed is using you MIGHTILY!

  • Reply Steve February 23, 2022 at 7:40 am

    What a beautiful struggle and even more beautiful victory and story. God is working in you, and winning IN you! We are still praying and it is so amazing hearing your transparency. Thank you for letting us into your family’s lives. Keep strong and keep confusing your Littles. That is what all parents are supposed to do.

  • Reply Erika February 23, 2022 at 9:18 am

    Beyond exciting to read your miraculously filled update!!! God takes care of his most special earth angels and you are living proof of this. Thanks for the sharing of your inspirational story – it reminds us of the importance of faith, prayer and hope. Sending you MUCH love and will continue to ask God to keep you strong.

  • Reply Kelly S March 3, 2022 at 5:24 pm

    What a JOY and PRAISE to read this news! GOD IS SO AWESOME, KIND, MERCIFUL and GRACIOUS!! We love you so much and are SO inspired by your faith in our BLESSED LORD JESUS!! Continued prayers for full healing so you can be back to caring for your precious family SOON! xoxo PRAISING GOD WITH YOU ALL!!

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