10 things…

…I learned from this year:

1) We are wealthy. Not with the stuff you can spend or touch, but with God’s love, precious parents and our beloved friends.
2) Gods grace and mercy triumphs.
3) the number of black chin hairs is directly proportionate to years of life. Unless you are a dude.
4) Rainbow loom will be the death of me. If anyone can figure it out without you tube, you have to be a diagnosed genius.
5) It is ok to cry. And sob. And then laugh.
6) I learned everything I need to know about football from my 6 year old.
7) one should never broil a marshmellow dessert and then go bathe their little people.
8) God’s good hand has surely been upon us.
9) My kids are even more hilarious than they were yesteryear.
10) My husband is the strongest man in the world.

The end.

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