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Mothership Part 2

The prequel was the bertha pilot which I loved! I loved it so much so we got it before even thinking about kids, then a week later found out I was knocked up. That car rocked.

So after a month of searching for THE car, praying about it, and asking everyone else to pray about it, God’s provisions allowed us to get this to MORE than accomodate the needs of 3 littles:

Thank you Lord! After a month of searching and watching doors shut, it was clear where He opened a door, and faithfully provided. It has the bucket seats, (minivan set up), 2 sunroofs and the back opens at the push of a button. I realize my excitement at this feature highlights my laziness. I am so beyond thankful and my favorite part of the whole process was hearing an amazing testimony of the sales lady that made the never-ending-day totally worth it. She was such an encouragement and bright spot in the whole process. And a special thank you to the Grandma’s and Grandpa’s for allowing us to spend a day date at the dealership. Now you don’t have to hear about this ever again. The end. 

Cars, cars, cars.

So it is about that time….time to find a different car for the 3 babes. SO sad to say goodbye to my car. I LOVE my car. But wearing a baby while driving is illegal. Isn’t it Britney? Rules, shmools.
For the record, I love the Yukon/ Tahoe. But need something with better MPG. I forget stuff. A lot. So I end up making double trips half the time which means I put on A TON of miles each year. Thus, sadly, gas guzzlers are out.
So we have kind of narrowed it down. I said I would take it sight unseen as long as C promised smoky ground and fun blue lights, but…..
Pigs still don’t fly and hell is still hot from what I hear. So I think it will be looking more like this….
only not as shiny, not as new, and most likely brown. 
The minivan, if you know me at all, is God working this heart down. I was joyfully {insert :)} submitting to my husband and asked him to make the decision. We shall see tomorrow or the next day, or next week if we still can’t decide what the verdict is.  For the record though, I was wrong on the minivan thing. They are pretty sweet afterall. C had me at automatic doors. (NO DOOR dings-whaaa?) And B loved that he could crawl all the way in the back and “not hear me”. A dream come true B, I know. 
I just don’t make decisions well, and love the drama of a new-to-me car. You could be hearing about this for weeks. Or you might have already been hearing about it for weeks. This is a BIG decision people! Sooorrry.
I AM thankful we have options. What a blessed place to be, to even have an choice as to what to cart kids around in. Thank you Lord for your provisions!