Updates for both


I just cannot thank you all enough for all of your prayers, for myself and Rhonda. Going to give some incredible, God ordained updates on us both.


She is incredible. So brave! They are sitting her up for a couple minutes and she stood, assisted, for a minute.  She looks so much better than a couple days ago. Closer to her old self. She does have tough road ahead, and our family covets your prayers for a full recovery, mental and physical.


10 days ago, I met with an additional surgeon for a consult for surgery-if there was anything he could do. Never hurts to get a 5th consult. 😉

He walked into the room, completely confident. Big perfect smile. It is in Newport Beach people. He said he can resect close to 90% of it, if my sagittal sinus, (where my clot/ occlusion is), is completely blocked. If not, a big fat no. I made it home Wednesday morning and had the CT’s Thursday. I needed him to read ASAP so that he would be able to make a determination before my deadline to change insurance. This morning, I received a call…

It is BLOCKED  completely.

Happy tears! He wants to do the surgery as soon as possible, which would be January-when new insurance is takes effect. My heart is so thankful for the clear path God has blessed us with. He will go through a different part of my skull so that we don’t have to deal with the leaky incision debacle all over again. This, in addition to him not disassembling the titanium mesh that is covering a third of my skull, makes the surgery what I will call hopeful! I am so thankful. So so thankful. Thank you for lifting Rhonda and myself up to our Almighty.




New blog for our Rhonda

I started Rhonda her own blog, in hopes that you will all subscribe to receive updates of ALL  that God is doing in His perfect time. He has been so responsive and merciful to hear and answer prayer after prayer.

We are keeping a journal of the countless mercies He has given us. What I see as His handprint through this all.

For all further updates, please subscribe or visit

My deepest gratitude to you all for your love and prayers.


Pray pray pray

Things have changed a bit. Knowing her body does not tolerate iodine well AT ALL, these numerous CT’s are no doubt an added tax on her frail body. She has not woken yet. Her eyes are open, however there is no focus taking place. Her hands will not squeeze. She is trying to move around, however she is not coming to as we and the doctors had hoped.  The latest CT has shown what is called a converted stroke. The stroke has progressed, and there is a more visual brain bleed. This is something the Nuero person was hopeful about in the small size of it, however, it needs to be contained. This may have happened when they thinned the blood in surgery, as it was necessary. Please allow us to lean on you all again. This has been  a rollercoaster to say the least. I am not putting God in a box, so we will continue to beg for another, dare I say, miracle.

Please pray specifically for:

-reversal, immediate stopping of the bleed

-That there would be no permanent damage

-that whatever comes of the CT, she would be healed.

-that she would come out of Anesthesia soon being alert, responsive and her hands would be able to move.

PRAISE for the amazing doctors, kind nurses and countless mercies God has graciously given us. Praise she is responding to a nurse yelling in her face. We love you and covet your prayers.

They will be repeating this scan in 6 hours. Approximately 8pm. I could not wish you all could be here so I could hug you and thank you any more than I do right now. I know she will be so excited to see these well wishes and meet and love on you as well.


Robo Rhonda

O Lord, you are my God;
I will exalt you; I will praise your name,
for you have done wonderful things,
plans formed of old, faithful and sure.

Isaiah 25:1

He did it!!!! Every. Single. Prayer. ANSWERED!!!!! This is a miracle for the 100 different events and details that had to happen to keep her alive and have a ridiculously perfect surgery and prognosis.

The doctors are immeasurably gifted, humble hero’s. God was working through Dr. Fischbein and Dr. Lee to accomplish this amazing feat. 10 hours later, she is on the way to being Nanni again by way of replacing her aorta with a synthetic polyester like material. She now has cage like stents in her corroded artery and intestines guaranteeing healthy blood flow. Wanna know the wax that seals this perfectly packaged success? The heart valve they used to replace her damaged valve is called Inspiris. Guess who makes that valve? Edwards Life Sciences. Guess who works there? Starts with “R” ends with an “ob”. Jaw::floor. This magnificent life saving medical device was born in Robs incredible company. Boom.

I want you all to know you are the real heros as you faithfully trusted our GOOD God and continued to lift her/ us all up and pray. And pray. And pray again.

“When two or more are gathered in my name, there I am among them”

Matthew 18:20

This verse speaks of two or more, and sounds so small. How much more powerful are thousands?

You warriors will forever be remembered and embraced with our deepest gratitude as we all look upon her beautiful face each and every time. Where would we be without you all, your begging and pleading and continual petitioning? Not here. Thank you thank you thank you! Forever and always.

It is my strongest conviction this occurred to glorify and magnify our mighty and loving God in the most dream like way. His faithfulness endures and you all, praying friends or not, have a front row seat to what a true miracle looks like. This is not luck, the universe showing favor, this is the work of the Almighty. This is faith.

What happened over the last 36 hours completely rocked our world and deepened our faith 100 fold in the one and only God of perfection!

Here is why we are silently, (we are in a hospital after all), screaming with joy, in complete awe.

Upon arriving to the hospital, Chad and I were apart of the conversation being had by the Doctor and Rob, my mom and dad. Basically giving us little to no hope. Hospitals were not accepting her or had no beds, not enough surgeons. Delivering the message of the reality of a massive stroke and near fatal tear of the aorta- heart to hip, get ready to say goodbye. Their pity face made me sad for them, and led us to launch into prayer mode.

The doctors assumption she was not going to pass the neurological test to even make step 2 a possibility led them to hault any movement toward surgery. So we waited. They did not know our God.  So she passed.  Only then, they were forced to move forward. The surgeon humbly shared he was not the right surgeon for this kind of surgery. He wanted her at Stanford, the most qualified hospital with the most qualified surgeon. After much petitioning, At he end of the night, Stanford finally accepted her. For an unknown reason, or because God knew we needed this to further exercise our faith, they could not reach the surgeon that night. To deny that our happy hopes were deflated would be a lie. We were frustrated. We all knew and encouraged one another that He would not bring her this far for it to end there. We went to bed at peace, and awoke having been given 6 hours of sleep. We then arrived at the hospital to find out they were trying to figure out the air transportation  and get a hold of the doctor. Hours later the doctor’s assistant informed us the Stanford medical helicopter could not fly due to fog. Keep in mind every second is critical. It takes one deep breath, cough, sneeze to fully rupture the artery, and Rhonda would be in the presence of our Savior. We then found out there was a Santa Barbara helicopter that was willing to fly her as far as they could go before hitting the fog  they planned on an ambulance meeting the helicopter if it couldn’t continue. Keep in mind this was a 2 hour flight or 4.5 hour drive.

Guess what cleared? Yep. They were off and she arrived at Stanford 2 hours later to be rushed into the operating room. A 10 hour, yes 10 hour surgery ensued without one word. Zero communication and we all pow wowed it up eating weird food, yapping and laughing our way through the hours clothed in peace and joy.

That moment, God’s full glory in this transaction was realized as these tools of our Almighty came through the doors in the most amazing way…

Big smiles. Surgery was a success. Her kidney failure is regressing, she is urinating. They repaired the broken, reinforced the weak. Redeemed the loss. How illustrious of our salvation. We are broken. We are weak. Because of Jesus’s work on the cross, sacrifice, WE ARE REDEEMED. Not just restoration, “fixing”, but making all things new and more brilliant than before! Those prayers? That God would be glorified-open the heavens! Glorified indeed!

So…what happened?

Rhonda had a minor stroke, (you would never know it), in 2008 and has battled high blood pressure and a partially blocked corroded artery  ever since.

During breakfast Friday, her blood pressure randomly spiked, causing the pressure that led to the dissection, which then in turn caused the stroke. 

You guys. God delivered Rhonda-moreso us all. He is so BIG. We woke up from the nightmare. Good morning sweet friends!

THANK YOU for your endless prayers.

Big hugs and much love,

Michelle and Family




Getting to this point has felt like a nightmare and it would never happen at times. Yet we trust!

Praise! She is currently in the OR. Please pray. The time is 3:15pm, the surgery can take up to 8 hours. Their goal is a complete aortic aneurism repair. Hers is dissected from her chest to below her belly button as of yesterday. Huge huge repair and very complex surgery. Please pray for success in the OR, her recovery and there would be no neurological damage. We love you all.