Guest Post: Update on Michelle

Hi there – Chad here
disclaimer: since this isn’t michelle the laughs per line quota will be lower than usual.
disclaimer 2: I’m trying to do this on an iPhone and my opposable thumbs tend to hit the wrong keys. Forgive my typos in advance.

given the amount of texts and calls and visit requests we’ve received the past 36 hours I thought it would be best to give a quick update on Michelle and a little insight into what lies ahead for her recovery.

in short, the surgery was successful and the surgeon was very happy with how things went.  There’s many more gory details that go with removing two tumors from the brain but I’ll let the storyteller in this marriage tell those things at a future date.

back to yesterday. In what has become kind of a family tradition we filled up the waiting room at Hoag hospital in Newport. In what has become another family tradition we embarrass the surgeons who operate on our loved ones by asking, ok making them take a picture with us. To tie this all together – yes that’s my mom standing next to him. 😭

Well Dr. Louis gave us the good news that she did great and he got everything he went into get and even went in a different way to make sure she has a new scar to show for it.  He also told us Michelle would be waiting for us in the ICU.
well the past three times I’ve had the honor of being the first to see Michelle after these types of surgery and all three times she was screaming 😱 in pain.  Not fun to see your soulmate in this state.
Much to my surprise this was the state of Michelle as i entered the room this time 

peaceful and serene…..

she’s since been released from the ICU and is in a little quieter room (except for this machine beeping as her not so friendly reminder she needs to breathe).  Seriously I hate this thing

The doctor thinks she will be released on Friday or Saturday but that requires some serious pain management and michelle to be mentally ready to tackle this thing at home

we’re so thankful to all of you (too many to list but we’ll give categories) Food, meals, care for kids, school, caravans, rides to practice, more food, sweet cards, flowers, texts, calls……

every need met and every prayer answered. Thank you faithful friends!

if I could be so selfish please continue to pray for pain to subside, meds to work in the right way, and for substantial rest for Michelle.

Talk soon…..



It’s here.
How do people go through these times without huge love and incredible friends and family? Unmet people that love and pray for you like you are family? Ahhhh. Chills and tears.
God has so graciously given you all to me, to be strengthened, comforted, cared for. You are all my people and I love you and cannot ever show the gratitude I have for all that you do for us and all the heard prayers. I have been at this long enough to know, praying can be hard. Distracting. Confusing when we don’t know what to pray for. While it’s not an art, it is a discipline, one that I have had the privilege to get better at over the years. It’s not always easy to find the words or time-I remind myself that the Holy Spirit knows what to pray for when I don’t. And then I can ramble.
I feel like in this situation, this is me. I ramble as I don’t know what to pray for past the obvious. So I have been thanking and praising in trusting that He knows my heart.
Please continue to pray or ramble in prayer. Not just for me. For you and anyone who needs it-because the more we do this, the more organic our relationship with our Creator becomes.
An update from my pre-op.
My doctor has this insane virtual reality model of my brain. He can navigate the inside of my brain, tumor, blood vessels to get a better picture of what he will work with. After seeing this He has decided he is only going for the new tumor. 25% of the total volume. Also he might have to go back in through the old incision. Also he might have to redo the mesh to get the loose screw out. Yep. Loose screw. You can’t make this up people.
While I wasn’t prepared to hear this, I am thankful for his truthfulness and conservative hand. Please pray for the surgeon, my babies, parents and husband. It should take 5-6-? Hours. (He was all noncommittal).
7:30 am and get a new haircut and a donate a few brain cells. Love to you all. Hug your babies and mine please. God is good. All the time.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

Psalm 20:7


Happy New Year 2020+ 10

Hi friends. Cheers to a NEW YEAR! Praise the Lord we all made it. I hope you had a joy-filled peaceful Christmas and New Years. If you had a break with kids, high five. You did it.

warning: longest post ever.

My prayers for this next year-for all of us reading, (myself included), are to pursue Christ and His agenda more aggressively. I have been told soft goals are immeasurable. I.E. I want to eat less chocolate. What is less?
This is a friends issue btw. Solid goal: I want to eat chocolate 1 x a week vs. 10.
Again. A friends issue.
My goal-read Gods word each day-write down the application of what I read. Serve or meet needs of at least one person/ family a week. Also, I am going to commit to reading one book a month because I am what you call an overachiever. Lastly, workout, or “challenge” my body. Due to the jiggle in my wiggle, it is time to get all south county and sweat. I had to type that out and express the goal.

There are so many praises. As in: no way to share the depth of answered prayers as they have affected so many lives on many levels. My gratitude transcends hugs, words, notecards for all your prayers. I am not saying prayers change God’s will, however, they sure encourage the display of His power. His mercy. His perfect and good character.

Rhonda is thriving. She is amazing: Walking, eating, pushing herself to do tasks and new things each day. She is going to be back to good by the grace and love of God. It’s not just her he has shown great kindness to, we all enjoy this miraculous recovery together and we get more of her.

Our Pastor reminded us this last weekend more time on earth is not the hope or end game. Happiness is not the goal. Our prayers and hearts need to be set on eternity, what happens when we take our last breath. Our purpose needs to be focused on Christ’ plan, not only our hopes. This was a good reminder that while we are encouraged to approach the throne with confidence,  our thinking and prayers need to align with His will for our lives. Submitting to His plan for us and what He chooses. His will is us sharing the gift of Salvation, the gospel.

That said, I want to share my hope. For this life and eternity to follow. How exactly have we gotten through the seemingly impossible trials? My faith. God’s promises and ultimate gift.

God is our one and only God.
He is our Creator. God is Holy, perfect in everything, in every way. Because He is perfect He is perfectly just. He must be separate from us and punish sin Hell: Eternal separation from His love, promise of perfection and a life forever void of sin, temptation, pain and suffering. We cannot exist with Him unless we are perfect and can live out a sinless life. Spoiler alert-we can’t.
He IS LOVE. His love is most beautifully displayed to us through the gift and sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus. He gave up His position in Heaven to live out the perfect, sinless life, be crucified and resurrected. Our sins are cancelled out due to His perfect obedience and should we put our faith and trust in the act of His sacrifice on the cross and resurrection, that it is ENOUGH. We too can be given the gift of forgiveness and Salvation: an eternity resting in perfection and joy. The response is naturally to turn away from the sin in our life, and live our lives for His glory, submit to His plan.

If this is not your heart, I beg you to dig deep and truly consider what you believe and why? Are you sure? There is no judgement on my end. just pray for God to reveal Himself to you. He isn’t going to show up all genie like and freak you out. I promise. He will put this on your heart, in your mind. My desire for you all to share my hope, faith and trust to a very real God. Thank you for reading my heart.

Surgery is set for January 21st at 7:30 am. I received an upsetting call from the first one who said the surgery was not a good idea. He strongly encouraged me to not move forward with surgery with anyone and proceeded to appeal to me by listing every single reason this was an extremely risky surgery and how could I do this to my family?

All the fears I had given to God and graciously been given peace about. This stirred up good ole…you guessed it-fear. I am going to perfectly real with you all, in my humanity, I am fighting anxiety big time right now. I mean FIGHTING. It’s a physiological experience, not necessarily a conscious one. I trust God’s leading me to this next path. I know He is faithful. He is trustworthy. He is with me at all times! I wake up, heavy chest, panicky mindset over nothing. Lets’s not even talk about trying to fall asleep. Breakfast? Did I order toilet paper? The important things in life. When I dare to begin to entertain the thoughts of what if? Have we used up His mercy? Can He really redeem this next step and bring me through? OF COURSE He can. But if He doesn’t-is my faith big enough to submit to His will? I am totally disappointed in myself. What an ignorant thought considering all He has given us! All I just shared with you and every single ridiculously generous answer to prayer. I promptly pray, confess, and remind myself of the reality of where my faith lies. And that my faith is big enough to trust Him with every detail.  Most of what I am anxious about is-Am I doing everything I can to relieve the burden where possible? What can I do to make this next season manageable?


This is a constant look into the depths of my heart and redirecting of thoughts. Chad has endured a very challenging life trial with his mom, now me. Our parents share this burden as well. I think we are all running  on empty navigating seeking and petitioning Gods wisdom and will in my future as well as Rhonda’s. Please continue to pray.
-protection over our hearts and marriage
-Chad-steadfastness, energy, peace
-Children-That their hearts would be at peace, That their faith would grow, and can just be children through this next season

-that I would heal quickly and without complications so that He will be glorified and His goodness would be on display and I can get back to the roles He has assigned me

-for the surgeon, wisdom focus and that God would be at the center of every piece of this surgery

-anything else you can think of

I love you all so so much. Whether or not I know you, I love you. thank you all for your prayers, acts of love, care for myself and family. I will just never be able to share my gratitude.


Updates for both


I just cannot thank you all enough for all of your prayers, for myself and Rhonda. Going to give some incredible, God ordained updates on us both.


She is incredible. So brave! They are sitting her up for a couple minutes and she stood, assisted, for a minute.  She looks so much better than a couple days ago. Closer to her old self. She does have tough road ahead, and our family covets your prayers for a full recovery, mental and physical.


10 days ago, I met with an additional surgeon for a consult for surgery-if there was anything he could do. Never hurts to get a 5th consult. 😉

He walked into the room, completely confident. Big perfect smile. It is in Newport Beach people. He said he can resect close to 90% of it, if my sagittal sinus, (where my clot/ occlusion is), is completely blocked. If not, a big fat no. I made it home Wednesday morning and had the CT’s Thursday. I needed him to read ASAP so that he would be able to make a determination before my deadline to change insurance. This morning, I received a call…

It is BLOCKED  completely.

Happy tears! He wants to do the surgery as soon as possible, which would be January-when new insurance is takes effect. My heart is so thankful for the clear path God has blessed us with. He will go through a different part of my skull so that we don’t have to deal with the leaky incision debacle all over again. This, in addition to him not disassembling the titanium mesh that is covering a third of my skull, makes the surgery what I will call hopeful! I am so thankful. So so thankful. Thank you for lifting Rhonda and myself up to our Almighty.




New blog for our Rhonda

I started Rhonda her own blog, in hopes that you will all subscribe to receive updates of ALL  that God is doing in His perfect time. He has been so responsive and merciful to hear and answer prayer after prayer.

We are keeping a journal of the countless mercies He has given us. What I see as His handprint through this all.

For all further updates, please subscribe or visit

My deepest gratitude to you all for your love and prayers.